Finding a Professor

So while I had a lab to research in last spring, I decided to try something new this year and attempt to find a different lab to do research in. I realize now that I probably should have started asking professors if their labs had any openings for me at the very beginning of the quarter as I am now finding that most labs that I am interested in are full! So far I have emailed 5 or so different labs. Three have told me they are full; one hasn’t replied yet; and the fifth did actually tell me there was one space in one project in their lab. I have emailed this lab back and hopefully will be meeting with them to talk about their project next week. I don’t know if this is the lab I really want to join yet, though. I was really putting my hopes on Professor Steven Fisher’s lab, which researches retinal detachment and the retina’s response to injury, but his lab is full as of now. However, he told me to check back with him at the end of the quarter to see if any spaces have opened up. I can’t decide whether to wait and see if a space in his lab becomes available, or to join the lab working on barnacles that has a space open in it now. I guess I will wait and see if their project is what I am looking for when I go talk to them before I decide.

Final conclusions on getting into a lab fall quarter: start looking around for projects and professors you like early rather than later!

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One comment on “Finding a Professor
  1. Mandy says:

    Barnacles! Barnacles!

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