Back to the drawing board. Again. This time with cookies.

How is it possible that EVERY single lab that I would be interested in working in is full?? I met with Professor Rothman during finals week and had a very nice chat with him about his lab and graduate school and the theory of relativity (completely unrelated to anything he does by the way haha) so I was very excited and hopeful that this lab would somehow work out. I emailed him at the end of the week like he asked, but NO. No one was willing to take another undergrad on. It really sucks getting turned down so many times, especially when it seems like you would have a good chance of getting in if space were not an issue. Despite the rejection, I really did enjoy talking to Professor Rothman. He had some really good insight on what science is and what graduate school is about. Our tangent off on relativity and physics was also an interesting convo too. I only wish it had actually worked out.

On a more cheerful note, I am really happy with how fall quarter turned out. My grades were awesome and I am extremely glad to be on winter break. Spending an entire week studying in CSIL and the library really was a brain drain. Before finals week started I even considered bringing my Ochem book back home with me so I could stay up on it over break. But after my last final at 8am on Saturday, that was the LAST thing I was going to do. Who was I even kidding?? That was NOTTT going to happen. And if I had brought the book back with me, it would have sat on the floor the entire break, never opened, and I would have just had to lug it back to school with me. Needless to say I am enjoying my three weeks of unproductive laziness. Okay maybe not so unproductive. I’ve gotten my xmas shopping done already and hey! I’m writing this blog too! Miggghhhttt even buy my books for next quarter too. Maybe. I have also done a lot of baking now that I have unlimited supplies courtesy of my mother haha. I have eaten so many cookies this past week it is ridiculous. Not only did my roomies and I decorate cookies during finals week, but I also made cookies for a cookie swap with my friends at home where we proceeded to stuff our faces with cookies. AND there were still way too many left over and we were forced to take them home with us. Oh and tomorrow I have a cookie decorating party with all my cousins and aunts and uncles! Seriously I think I might be overdosing on cookies this break. I might develop an addiction. Oh wait, I already have an addiction… Maybe I will bring cookies with me to the next meeting with a professor that I have and just bribe them to take me into their lab. How could anyone say no to cookies?!

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