Only a few weeks left…

My research has not been going in the direction that I intended for it to go. I particularly want to study charter schools and how they can be effective for low-income, particularly black, students. However, I have been reading books and articles about the status of education in America and the experience of becoming a teacher. Although these topics are interesting to me, they are not exactly what I would like to investigate. Part of the reason I have been looking into these topics is due to suggestions from my faculty mentors. Although I thought I made my interests clear, I suppose they have suggested alternate routes because they are much more familiar with the research process than I am. I am not too concerned because I will be graduating in a few weeks and I will be free to conduct my research as I please. This is also a bit frightening because I will not have the same guidance from a faculty member that I currently have.

On a more exciting note, I am making significant progress with my senior honors thesis! I have been putting off my literature review for a few weeks now, but yesterday I finally sat down for a few hours and finished a whole draft of it! I am so proud of myself! I even set goals for the next steps in my project and plan to be done with a complete draft by the end of next week. This is very exciting because I have had it in the back of my mind for this entire quarter and it feels so good to finally have a nice chunk of it done.

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